• 15 Lessons

    Module 2. Narrating a recipe

    The "Module 2. Narrating a recipe"  focuses on preparing you for narrating a recipe, both as a presentation and a podcast. The module will help you learn how to deal with public speaking anxiety. Furthermore, it will prepare you for planning and recording your own podcast show. You’ll learn more about podcasts and their rising popularity and get acquainted with some of the most popular food-related podcasts.
  • 14 Lessons

    Module 3. How to record a recipe

    The focus of module 3 "How to record a recipe" is to prepare you for recording a recipe, as a video. This module will prepare you for planning and recording your own recipe on video. You will learn about how to set up and prepare your workstation to record a quality video; how to get the most out of your recording equipment, and which social media platforms are best to share your video content to reach the widest audience and achieve the best results!
  • 10 Lessons

    Module 4. Communication online

    This "Communication Online" module is about online communication, and you will have the opportunity to learn about online communication in a comprehensive way, covering various topics along the way.