The Taste of Harmony

The project ‘Taste of Harmony’ aims to foster Intercultural dialogue through sharing cultural/personal stories and meaning embedded in recipes, as well as to develop digital competences (content creation, communication, and security) related to sharing recipes and personal stories

Our Goals

European Union (EU) Member States have placed integration high on their political agenda, investing significantly into education programmes and associated support to identify effective practice and facilitate the integration of foreign-born populations. The transition into and adaptation to a new culture and a new environment presents a particularly stressful time for foreign nationals because many doors open at this point, including full rights to work, access to structured language courses, and access to housing. The partners are proposing to develop the following intellectual outputs in order to accomplish the set project aims: 

Blended Learning Course

The project partners will develop and pilot a Blended Learning Course to facilitate, encourage, and re-think intercultural communication between native-born and foreign-born adult members of the local community in partner countries through food and recipe discourse as a socialising mechanism.

Bite-Sized Learning Units

The project partners will create and publish a series of short learning activities to develop intercultural awareness and communicative competence in working age population (15-64).

Training Programme for Adult Education Professionals

This training programme will place particular emphasis on working with non-traditional learning approaches and will explore the different roles that educators are
required to adopt when working in blended learning environments.

E-learning Platform

An open-source online learning platform featuring activities and tools in English and partner languages will be created to support native-born and foreign-born adult members of the
local community in piloting the Blended Course.

Online Radio Show “A Taste of Home”

The project partners will create and publish a series of online radio show episodes to foster the use of food and recipes as facilitators of cultural bridging between foreign-born and native-born community members in their countries.

Our target audience

The participants of the project are native-born and foreign-born (expats, migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees) adult members of local communities taking part in the piloting of the Blended Course, all adults of working age (15-64) interacting with the produced outputs posted online (specifically IO3 and IO4) as well as adult education professionals in the partner’s local and national contexts.

Intercultural Communication

The Taste of Harmony project plans to increase the target groups’ quality of interaction with other members of their community by increasing intercultural communication, motivation competences, better cooperation and communication through ICT tools. The desired result is to also have more competent and professional AE that can progress beyond their traditional approach to and culture of education.

Lifelong Learning

The project aims to build the capacity of staff in adult education institutions– seeing each staff member as an ambassador of lifelong learning and active participation in the society that has the potential to improve learning experiences and quality of life for all learners. We need to raise awareness, and more importantly, staff competencies for reaching and motivating adults to participate more in online and face-to-face activities and communities.

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