The Taste of Harmony project aims to contribute to the improvement of:

• Intercultural dialogue through sharing cultural/personal stories and meaning embedded in recipes
• Key digital competencies (content creation, communication, and security) related to sharing recipes and personal stories
• Societal integration of foreign-born (expats, migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees) adult members of the local community
• Online and face-to-face interaction of native-born and foreign-born adult members of local communities in partner countries

Blended Learning Course

Presenting Your Culinary Traditions in Digital Media (IO1)

Blended learning for native-born and foreign-born (expats, migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees) adult members of the local community based on a digital and intercultural approach to recipes. Partners will develop lesson plans for the face-to-face implementation of the course (scheduling of the activities, materials needed, handouts, time spent for each activity) and the activities that will be done online on the IO2 platform (interactive lesson units).

E-learning Platform

What’s Cooking? (IO2)

Will be used to carry out the online portion of IO1 – where the online interactive activities for IO1 will be created. On the platform, the partners will also publish all the remaining IOs. Thanks to the platform, learners will also improve their access and use of online collections of digital training material. The piloting of the IO1 will be based on a practical and interactive training approach and tools in order to ensure proper adaptation to the specific learning and communication needs of learners.

Bite-Sized Learning Units

The project partners will create and publish a series of short learning activities to develop intercultural awareness and communicative competence in the working age population (15-64) in their countries. A total of 50 learning units (10 per partner) averaging 1-3 minutes in length will be developed in the form of text, images, audio, video, and tests to raise awareness of and better equip citizens for intercultural dialogue.

Online Radio Show “A Taste of Home”

The project partners will create and publish a series of online radio show episodes (“Podcasts”) to foster the use of food and recipes as facilitators of cultural bridging between foreign-born and native-born community members in their countries. Each partner will record and produce 6 podcasts of 30-60 minutes in length, by inviting foreign-born adult members of the local community and talking with them about food, cuisine, and food-related traditions. Out of the 6 episodes, 4 will be recorded in English and 2 in the partner’s national language.

Training Programme for Adult Education Professionals

Fostering Intercultural Communication (IO5) will be created in order to support the delivery of the developed outputs (IO1 and IO2) and ensure a quality training outcome is achieved.

This training programme will place particular emphasis on working with non-traditional learning approaches and will explore the different roles that educators are required to adopt when working in blended learning environments. This training will also address some key considerations when working with foreign-born adults (expats, migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees) as well as working with diverse learner groups to maintain effective intercultural communication and a positive atmosphere in learning environments.

Taste of Harmony Mission

All partners’ mission in this proposal is to provide opportunities to all target groups of the project to improve and strengthen their personal, cultural, and societal potentials, to have access to and use the benefits of modern technologies, to spend their leisure time in a creative way; supporting social inclusion of minority groups of citizens; promoting culture through food; fostering the values of a multicultural society; stimulating information and availability of ICT in order to fight the digital divide.

Project Partners

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