The module consists of 6 lessons, 6 hours of instruction:

  • Warm-up
  • Let’s explore the recipes websites
  • Let’s read and analyse a recipe
  • Our traditions, our story
  • Let’s write your recipe, part I
  • Let’s write your recipe, part II


After completing this module, you will have/be able to:

  • recognize elements and structure of a recipe
  • recognize instructive, descriptive, and engaging language elements and strategies used in recipes
  • list, describe and compare online spaces that can be used to publish and share written texts (recipes and stories)
  • write a well-structured and clear recipe
  • write an engaging description of a tradition and/or personal experience(s) connected with food
  • write and publish a blog post
  • increased awareness of the importance of using clear instructions, as well as engaging and descriptive language
  • increased willingness to embed stories/storytelling elements into recipes