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taste of harmony January 20, 2022

When a user stops to watch a video, it may only take them 5 seconds to make sure it will be of interest or meet their expectations. In the world of video marketing, we have only 5 seconds to capture the viewer’s attention. If we don’t manage to engage them in that short period of time, they will close our video and look for another one.

Therefore, creating videos should not be treated lightly but, on the contrary, it should be treated as a task to which you should dedicate your best efforts, and thus manage to engage and inspire your viewers to act so that people benefit from your products and creative videos.

After this lesson, learners will be able to:

  • Learn techniques and tips to not only attract new people to your videos but also keep them coming back to your channel for more video content.
  • Promote and create your content to engage your audience.
  • Build people’s interest and capture their attention so that they continue to watch your videos.