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Recording a family recipe

Learning outcomes

  • Put the strategies and tips you have learned into practice
  • Record and publish a family recipe
  • Connect with a family’s food traditions
  • Plan the way you record and publish your videos
  • Follow the steps to make a recipe, film it and share it.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Ask a family member to explain a simple, traditional recipe that they usually use for a celebration.
  2. Let your family member know about the idea of recording their recipe and make sure they agree with your plan.
  3. Once your family member agrees with the plan, they will proceed to prepare the recipe for you.
  4. Make a note of the recipe and try to interact if you watch them cook.
  5. Ask lots of questions about the cooking process and steps and try not to get obsessed with calculating temperatures, quantities, and cooking times during this part, you will keep notes when cooking starts.
  6. Once you have these details written down, it is time to put it into practice in a simple video.
  7. In your own kitchen, you will make a draft recording following the steps you learnt from your family member.
  8. This video will be recorded with a mobile camera or with a camera you have available at the moment.
  9. For the recording and editing of the video, you will action some of the data and steps mentioned in Lessons 1-6, if you want to create and edit a better-quality video.
  10. Once the recipe is recorded and edited, you will be able to see the final result and you will be free to correct any mistake you find during the video, or if you want to improve it.
  11. You already have the final result; you’ve tried it on your own and it tastes great! If you feel ready, you can share it on your social networks or with some of your friends so that they can also prepare it at home!