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Introduction & learning outcomes

Social media advertising is a must if you want to reach a new and targeted audience quickly. This is a very direct way to reach the audience you want.

Of course, if you record yourself making a recipe, on more than one occasion you will ask yourself which social network would be the most suitable for sharing this type of video. The truth is that there is no specific answer but, by knowing a little more about each of them, you can get an idea of which are the specific social networks for the content you want to share. It is also important to know which social networks are best suited to the content you want to publish; therefore, it is useful to know which social networks are the most popular among your target audience. It won’t do much good to be on a social network that is well-suited to your content if there are no users interacting with it.

Consumers are looking for something new and different, and recipes and content about food tend to fit in this area. Individuals who are posting food videos are usually found experimenting with new ingredients and cooking techniques, which allows them to be highly innovative and reach their followers.

After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Know what social media is
  • Identify the most popular and used social networks
  • Know how to reach an audience through social media